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Benefits of Electric Vehicles

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If you are making regular daily commutes around Southbury and beyond, you may want to upgrade to an electric car to increase fuel economy and lower your environmental impact. It’s becoming more and more common for people to upgrade to hybrid and electric vehicles. The advances in technology we have witnessed in the last few years are making it possible for people to upgrade while maintaining their budget. It actually can save you money on gas and decrease the impact you are having on the environment. Honda of Watertown is here to go in depth on the benefits of electric cars.

Personal and Environmental Benefits of Electric Cars

We guarantee that an electric car is going to be the perfect vehicle for your drives around Torrington. These vehicles are increasing in popularity for good reason. They are adaptable for the daily driver and the roadtripper. Check out some electric vehicles at Honda of Watertown to see how they are fully equipped with the latest technologies. You can connect further to the world and the people around you. Check out some of the features:

  • Zero emissions: One of the biggest benefits of purchasing an electric car is that you are nearly eliminating your tailpipe emissions. For the most part, electric cars don’t have an exhaust system at all. This means that exhaust emissions can’t be a byproduct of the vehicle’s operation.
  • Renewable energy: Electric cars are built to adapt to the changes of our time. They can use renewable energy resources to be charged. Whether that be solar, wind, or water power. Electric vehicles are part of the future. 
  • Reduced maintenance: The most common maintenance activities on a standard vehicle are oil changes and brake system maintenance. Completely electric vehicles don’t require engine oil so that eliminates the routine. Another impressive feature is the regenerative braking systems. These reduce your need for using the brakes and thus lowers the maintenance rates and costs.
  • Quieter rides: One benefit of electric vehicles is that drivers can enjoy a peaceful ride. Silence is golden, and a calm cabin makes your ride even more enjoyable.
  • Performance: Electric vehicles provide next-gen level performance, because they are built for the next generation. Electric motors can provide almost instantaneous torque giving you an unbelievable speed on the road. 

The benefits of an electric vehicle seem unlimited. If you would like to explore the details then you can check our services at Honda of Watertown. We are here to help you find the electric vehicle that is perfect for you and your family – explore our inventory today!

How to Prepare for Bringing Your EV Home

  • Prep your garage: Charging stations are becoming more common, but they aren’t as common as a gas station. In order to prepare, you will need to set up a home charging station. You can look into a few options with different charging times. You can get your charging system installed, and it’s very likely that this will be your predominant charging method. 
  • Find the local charging spots: Since charging stations aren’t as common, you should map out the charging stations in your local area. Plugshare and Chargeway are examples of charging companies – you should also look into specific chargers. If you are doing any long distance travel it’s a good idea to map out the charging stations on the way. This way you will be prepared for any situation. 
  • Explore Incentives: Oftentimes there are incentives and tax credits available for electric vehicle drivers. You may be eligible for up to a $7,500 tax credit for buying the car.

Learn More About Electric Cars Today at Honda of Watertown!

When you are ready to make the move on purchasing your own electric vehicle. With Honda of Watertown you can apply for financing or get an estimate on your current vehicle’s trade-in value in order to upgrade to the next. Anything you’re searching for with your electric car can be addressed with your local Watertown dealership. If you have any questions feel free to contact us or stop by our office. 


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