How the Honda CR-V Compares to the Toyota RAV4

February 1st, 2018 by

The compact SUV segment has seen a bunch of new entries from various automakers, but two of the most popular options remain the Honda CR-V and the Toyota RAV4. These models practically define the category, and are often the top two choices fror Connecticut car shoppers. We thought it would be helpful if we looked at how the Honda CR-V compares to the RAV4.

Frankly, the battle was won almost at the start. The Honda CR-V features a lower starting Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price than the RAV4. Add in the fact that it also enjoys an advantage in the EPA-estimated fuel economy for both city and highway driving, and your cost-of-ownership advantage in the Honda CR-V becomes a significant factor.

You’ll also enjoy more standard features in the Honda CR-V than you will with the RAV4, which also helps keep your bottom line manageable. After all, who wants to pay for features if you can get them included at no extra cost?

The CR-V also enjoys a fairly noticeable advantage when it comes to power and performance, which are always important factors to consider when you think about your daily driving routines. If you tend to need to pass slower drivers, or ascend some hills, you’re going to want as much horsepower and torque as you can get.

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Source: Honda of Watertown Blog

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