The Safer Choice in a Mid-Sized SUV: The Honda CR-V vs the Nissan Rogue Sport

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Everything you need in a mid-sized SUV is available for you right here in Watertown, thanks to our inventory of all-new Honda CR-V models right here at Honda of Watertown. The Honda CR-V has enjoyed the prestige of being a top-rated mid-sized SUV, recognized by many in the automotive industry for its safety, efficiency and overall reliability. In one of our head-to-head comparisons, we explored how exactly the Honda CR-V stacked up against another big name in mid-sized SUVs: the Nissan Rogue Sport.

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The Honda CR-V vs The Nissan Rogue

When it comes to safety features, the Honda CR-V is the much better choice, given its status as an IIHS Top Safety Pick and overall effectiveness in front crash prevention, seatbelt efficacy, and roof strength. By contrast, the Nissan Rogue Sport has not been nominated as an IIHS Safety Pick and only has a low rating in front crash prevention.

The Honda CR-V has a much roomier interior, with 105 cubic feet of cargo volume and 75.8 cubic feet of available cargo space, whereas the Nissan Rogue Sport has about 96 cubic feet of passenger volume and 61.1 cubic feet of available cargo space.

While both SUVs run on an inline-four engine, the Honda CR-V has a lot more powertrain to contribute with its engine capable of 184 horsepower that generates 180 pound-feet of engine torque. The engine of the Nissan Rogue Sport, on the other hand, gains up to 141 horsepower and generates 147 pound-feet.

The base trim of the Nissan Rogue Sport comes equipped with stainless steel wheels whereas the all trims of the Honda CR-V come standard with much more lightweight aluminum alloy wheels, for extra efficiency and handling.

Finally, as a measure of extra security, the Honda CR-V comes standard with a stereo anti-theft system, a feature that is unavailable on the Nissan Rogue Sport.

Your Next Honda CR-V Awaits You in Watertown!

There’s a lot more to see with the Honda CR-V, so check out our inventory of all-new Honda CR-V models and come test drive one for yourself here at Honda of Watertown! We’re conveniently located at 816 Straits Turnpike in Watertown,CT. See you soon!

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