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Do Electric Cars Use Oil?

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If you’ve recently bought a new EV in the Waterbury area, you probably have a lot of questions, one of which may be: does my electric car need oil changes? Do electric cars use oil at all? The answer is no, electric cars do not use motor oil. One of the many benefits of driving an electric vehicle is not having to spend time and money on electric vehicle oil changes. However, EVs do require a lot of other fluids that you should be aware of to keep your ride in top condition. The service team at Honda of Watertown has all the details in the guide below.

What Fluids Do EVs Require?

You may not need to bring your EV in to get its oil changed, but there are other fluids you’ll need to stay on top of. Here are three essential fluids that electric cars require to run on the Southbury roads:

  • Brake fluid: All cars have brakes, so all cars require brake fluid to run. Brake fluid lubricates the brakes to make sure they can work properly. Keeping your brake fluid topped off is essential to keeping you safe on the road.
  • Transmission fluid: EVs have transmissions just like any other vehicle, so they need transmission fluid to make sure the gears are moving efficiently and remain well-preserved.
  • Coolant: Coolant is designed to keep your battery and vehicle systems from overheating, making it another important fluid to keep topped off.

There are plenty of other routine services that electric vehicles require, such as tire rotation and wheel alignment. If you need any of the above services for your new EV, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with our service center!

Electric Vehicle Parts

If you’ve just bought your first EV, you might be wondering how exactly they work! Knowing how EVs differ from traditional gas-powered cars is a great way to better understand your vehicle so you can keep it running in the best condition possible.

Here’s a brief overview:

  • As the name suggests, an EV is powered by an electric motor. The motor converts an electric current from your battery into motion.
  • Torque is generated with magnets placed alongside the motor, which create a magnetic vehicle around the motor and churn it.
  • EVs need to be charged either at home or at a public charger to make sure they have sufficient power to run.

Here are the most essential components of your EV:

  • Charging ports: This is how you’ll charge your vehicle’s battery.
  • Traction motors: The components that turn your EV’s wheels.
  • Onboard charger: This charger converts the charge from the charging port into DC power.
  • DC-DC converter: Converts the high-voltage direct current power from the battery into low-voltage direct current power to move the vehicle.
  • Battery: Designed to store the electricity that powers the electric motor.
  • Thermal system: Keeps everything from overheating.

Rely on Honda of Watertown For All Your EV Service Needs!

If you have any questions about how EVs work, or want to learn more about anything we’ve discussed above, don’t hesitate to contact our office! You can also stop by our service center near Torrington to bring your EV in or talk to an expert in person. And if you’re interested in saving on your next service appointment, we offer service specials updated all the time.

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