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Honda Tires

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Your tires are what keep you moving safely on roads. However, do you know what Honda tires your vehicle needs for optimal performance? Or the benefits of all-season tires? At Honda of Watertown, our service center can help you determine the best Honda tires for your Honda vehicle. We can order them for you too. Schedule a service appointment with us today.

All-Season or Summer Tires: Benefits

When you are on the hunt to track down Honda tires for sale near Watertown, look no further than Honda of Watertown! We have every Honda tire available to keep our customers happy and safe while behind the wheel. Whether you call them all-season tires or summer tires, here are their benefits:

  • You will have better traction and grip on wet or icy roads when purchasing all-season Honda tires.
  • Honda tires are made to provide stability, handling, and the right amount of treadwear for your all-season tires.
  • All-season tires are typically good for one or two winters. However, their treads may wear sooner depending on the types of roads and conditions you travel.
  • The life span of all-season tire treads tends to last longer than tires made for specific seasons.
  • All-season tires can save energy and produce better gas mileage due to their high rolling resistance.
  • They are quieter than some other types of tires
  • They can perform well on dry and wet roads in Torrington.

Winter or Snow Tires: Benefits

To keep you and your family safe during the winter months, you will need to switch your Honda tires to winter or snow tires. Winter tires help with traction, more so than all-season tires. Snow tires can withstand 45Fº/7.2Cº temperature drops. Here are some of the benefits of owning winter or snow tires:

  • Enhance your braking performance when driving on snowy or icy roads near Southbury. You can trust winter tires to handle ice, sleet, snow, slush, wet, and freezing dry roads.
  • The design of treads for winter tires is meant to perform well in various weather conditions.
  • Winter tires have specially designed tread rubber that is flexible and remains flexible at low temperatures.
  • Reduces snow build-up in treads
  • Studded winter tires can help on a steep inclines
  • Many Waterbury drivers feel more confident when driving with winter tires on their Honda vehicle.

Common Honda Tire Questions

Here are some common Honda tire questions when drivers search for Honda tires 

for sale in Watertown:

Can I Keep Winter Tires on in the Summertime?

Yes, but you will wear out your winter tires much faster due to their soft rubber. If you keep your

studded winter tires on in the summer, you are likely damaging the roads you drive. Winter

tires are not meant for the heat. They were designed for colder weather conditions, thus decreasing the lifespan of your tires.

How Often Should I Replace My Tires?

Change your tires every six years regardless of how many miles you drive. The tread on your tires provides traction that ensures your safety. Replacing them when necessary and required is crucial.

Tire Tread Depth and Performance

Use the following tread depths and performances to gauge how well your Honda tires are performing for you:

  • 6/32″ or above: Satisfactory
  • 4/32″ or Below (for all-season & summer tires): Unsatisfactory
  • 4/32″ to 5/32″: Reduced traction. Replacement recommended.
  • Below 9/64″ (for winter tires): Unsafe, tires need to be replaced

Honda Tires for Sale in Watertown at Honda of Watertown!

You can trust our Honda dealership to assess and order the right tires for your vehicle. Schedule an appointment today with our service team. Take advantage of our service specials to save on your next service appointment.

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