How Does the Toyota Camry Match Up to the Honda Accord?

January 17th, 2018 by

The midsize sedan is one of the most popular styles for Connecticut shoppers, offering a great balance of size and practicality, equipment and price, and power and efficiency. It gives local drivers the option to commute in comfort, but to step it up for a night out on the weekend.

And in Watertown, there are two major players in the midsize segment that need no introduction:

The new 2018 Toyota Camry and the new 2018 Honda Accord.

This fearsome rivalry has gotten all the more intense in the last year, as both the Camry and the 2018 Honda Accord have seen massive updates for the new model-year.

The Camry focused on improving its lackluster looks and performance. The Honda Accord focused on improving everything.

Here are four standout ways that the 2018 Honda Accord offers a better fit for your needs than the new Camry:

    • Offers Apple CarPlay/Android Auto; Toyota doesn’t
    • Can be equipped with smart new Honda Sensing safety technology
    • Boasts way more space in the trunk
    • A better value for your money

See more info about the Honda Accord vs Camry here.

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